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Welcome to Total Techware

My name is Joshua, and I'm a one man company who does freelance software development.

I'm based out of my home town of Bowling Green, KY. If you would like to talk about building a software project (web, mobile, or desktop) give me a call or email me.

270-282-4273 or
Technology, it's what we do

When I say "we", I mean me. This website is really old, but I still "do" technology. Mostly computer programming, not so much design or system admin.

My primary area of expertise is in the Microsoft stack, primarily .Net web development using C# and javascript. But I also have programmed in java, and released a few objective-c apps.

What that technical stuff means, I build modern web and desktop applications, and also iPhone, iPad and Android apps.
We Build Websites

I wrote this single page style web site over 5 years ago. I need to update it and build something better. I can build a website, but I'd much more prefer to make an application. Most websites are a type of marketing brochure, my expertise is in building the engine.

This website is a quick little single page styled javascript page that is really simply coded, but it makes the background and the text slide at different speeds, so that's cool.

Custom Software Development

Do you have a problem that customized software will fix? Give me a call, I can help.

Do you have an old Microsoft Access application or an Excel spreadsheet that you are using as an application which needs new features, or is breaking down?

If you need a new solution, so that multiple users can access data, update and track changes easily, we can meet and discuss how I can update an existing solution, or build a completely new one.

Contact Us

If you want to build something cool, or useful or just want to chat about technology, here are the ways to contact me.

(270) 282-4273